Instagram nechce, aby ste ich videli. Tieto silné fotografie ukazujú, ako v skutočnosti vyzerá pôrod, najkrajší okamih v živote ženy

Iste je vám známe, že pravidlá sociálnych sietí, akými sú Instagram alebo Facebook sú často neúprosné. Nemôžete na nich zverejniť akékoľvek fotografie a obsah je filtrovaný najmä kvôli zamedzeniu príspevkov o pornografii či fotografií zobrazujúcich násilie. Mechanizmus, ktorý takéto fotografie odstraňuje je však pomerne jednoduchý, a preto dochádza k mazaniu príspevkov, ktoré tam podľa množstva (najmä žien) nepatria. Reč je o fotkách z pôrodu, o snímkoch zachytávajúcich azda najprirodzenejšiu vec nášho života.

It’s so important to prep and plan for birth, and also important to prep and plan for the postpartum time! Doulas we see you! ♥️ . @doulatrainingsint doulas help families with resources, advocacy and support. DTI has been reimagining what the role of the doula looks like for almost a decade! If you have ever thought about supporting families through pregnancy, childbirth or the postpartum period check out DTI’s inclusive training for doulas and childbirth educators. . Want to get in on the action and advocacy of birth work this summer? @bornintothis Conference is happening this July in Austin TX and is open to ALL advocates of birth—I’ll see you there!! . 📷 #doulatrainingsinternational #dti #wearedti #doula #doulalife #bornintothisconference #empoweredbirthproject

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Ak by ste uverejnili fotografiu zobrazujúcu pôrod, pravdepodobne by z vášho účtu veľmi rýchlo zmizla. Ak by ste boli osoba, ktorá má na konte niekoľko stoviek či tisícov sledovateľov, po fotografii by nebolo stopy už do pár hodín. Rovnaký prípad zažila aj Katie Vigos, ktorá však neostala ľahostajnou a spolu so skupinou aktivistiek, sestričiek, dúl a pôrodných asistentiek sa dokázala dostať do povedomia „najvyšších“ a vydobiť si právo na podobný obsah.

Important: while the policy change is official, it is possible that some censorship may still occur as FB/IG continues to modify its recognition technology— and train its vast global network of employees— to allow #uncensoredbirth content to remain on their platforms. This was something emphasized to me during several calls with FB/IG over the last few months. They don’t normally announce policy changes like this so soon (even though the policy officially changed as of January 2018), because it is quite an extensive and lengthy process to implement this type of change. Newer birth accounts and pages with a smaller following are at increased risk of censorship during this phase. I am actively working with FB/IG to come up with a process of protecting and restoring content and pages that have been censored in error. Your patience and continued advocacy is much appreciated! I will update you with any new information I receive! THIS IS HAPPENING, and together we’ll support our community through this transition just like we support each other through the transition of birth, motherhood, and beyond. It’s time to collectively birth a new era of the internet! __ Love, @katievigos __ Photo @midwifeangelina __ #IGallowuncensoredbirth #empoweredbirthproject #waterbirth

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Stunning photo by @loveisphotographyllc ・・・ If you love to be around birth and are considering the path of a doula, the next round of online training with @doulatrainingsint begins soon on July 15! 🗓 this training can be done anywhere you have an internet connection, and you will also complete education hours within your community. DTI certifies for life as a birth AND postpartum doula. In an ever-challenging healthcare environment, the role of a doula is becoming more and more important. See for more info + receive $197 off tuition with code EMPOWEREDBIRTH (code also works for any in-person training). 🙏🏼 #empoweredbirthproject #doulatrainingsinternational #doulalife #birthisbeautiful

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Samozrejme tomu predchádzal dlhý boj a niekoľko rokov naťahovačiek s právami komunity na instagrame, kvôli ktorým fotografie pôrodov mizli závratnou rýchlosťou. Často nešlo len o vymazanie snímkov ale i celých účtov, a to i v prípade, že ste mali desiatky tisícov sledovateľov. Nečudo, že sa toto chovanie dotklo množstva žien. Matiek, ktoré pôrod prežili a stali sa rodičmi.

Najčastejším argumentom proti mazaniu podobných príspevkov bola číra podstata fotografie. Zachytáva predsa niečo, čo je prirodzené všetkým ľuďom na našej planéte bez rozdielu rasy, náboženstva, výchovy, kultúry, zázemia či postavenia. Moment, ktorý spája všetkých ľudí, chvíľa, ktorú prežíva každá žena rovnako. Časť života, ktorá robí z každej ženy statočnú a láskavú bytosť a mení ju na matku.

Calling all nurses! RN, LVN, NP, CNM, CRNA… We need you. This country needs you. Our patients need you. I am co-creating a piece of technology– and more importantly, a MOVEMENT– that seeks to revolutionize the way our healthcare system works. Until now, getting nurses on the ground– be it in a home or hospital setting or at ground zero of a natural disaster– has been tedious at best and limited to human staffing capabilities. Until now, technology has not existed to streamline the process of sending mass notifications to nurses on a national level to call them to action. @holliblu has created that technology, and we need YOU to help us take this all the way. __ Think of any recent disaster that has required nurses to mobilize… Hurricane Harvey? The Las Vegas massacre? Imagine future crises that will undoubtedly occur. Do you know what the current system is that puts nurses on the ground to serve people in need? The answer is phone calls, texts and emails. I know this because I’ve been working in this system for a decade and staffing is a nightmare! Not only that, but nurses who show up in a crisis zone are doing so at their own expense. They must take time off their regular jobs and nearly always finance their own way. Very few nurses can afford to do this. From our pool of membership fees, we plan to offer financial assistance to nurses who wish to mobilize in times of need. __ We are a grassroots movement, a tech startup company. We have something incredibly valuable to offer with the potential to affect global change… and we need nurses to download our app so we can reach our goal of 5,000 members this month. We want you to become a part of a passionate community with kindred minds and hearts willing to serve the people and support our nurses. We are available to both iOS and Android users. Download HolliBlu today, complete your profile and please tag all your nurse friends! __ Sincerely, @katievigos Creator @empoweredbirthproject Co-creator @holliblu __ Awesome nurse-in-action photo by @littleleapling of @beautifybirth __ #holliblu #nursesofinstagram #nursesrock #wecanchangetheworld #grassrootsmovement #empoweredbirthproject #RN #LVN #NP #CNM #CRNA

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#IGallowuncensoredbirth 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 photo by @austinbirthphotos who shares of the birth she photographed while 7 days postpartum: ・・・ At just shy of seven days postpartum, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, Foxe and I helped welcome a sweet little St. Patrick’s Day baby. I was burning up wearing the baby (and Depends), shot the entire thing with my boob out (in his mouth or under his little sleeping head, calm down already), and was super hormonal. I was shaking and all kinds of weepy, I haven’t felt that many feels at someone else’s birth in a very long time! It was hard, I’ll admit. Hell, nearly anything at 7 days postpartum is hard! I had a solid backup (@vanessamendezphotography), but the labor was moving fast and I just didn’t want to gamble with whether she would make it in time. But I mean, this moment right here? Bearing witness to this moment, for me, is 100% worth it. I have z e r o regrets!! ❤️ . . . . . #empoweredbirthproject

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“I gave birth to my third baby (and my second #preemie!) at 25 weeks 6 days. My only daughter. My first #micropreemie. Her entire body came out in one push, she was born onto my hospital bed and into my hands. . Labor was surreal, unwelcome and wrought with fear for her life at first but there was a point when it became clear to me that all that came before had led us to this very moment and that she would be born. There wasn’t another storyline for us. The only way was through. . In the eye of the storm I felt protected, cared for, and loved. I was unsure and scared too, but I held everything for her while I labored. One contraction at a time, it was all I could do. I tried to let go and give in to the work but my brain was on and I was in the future, lost in that moment when I would have to walk into her #Nicu pod for the first time and see my girl fighting for her tiny life. The birth path was familiar, but the destination potentially devastating. . For many months after she was born I couldn’t look beyond the hours and days directly ahead of me, much less imagine her on her second birthday. But here we are. Tomorrow Winslet turns 2!” ~ @boldheartmama — 📷 @kindnessgirl __ #empoweredbirthproject #birthisbeautiful

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Tieto fakty neboli jediným dôvodom k rozhorčeniu množstva žien. Tým, že Instagram podobné snímky mazal ich staval na horšiu úroveň, akou je soft porno fotografia, ktorú často na svojich stránkach necháva. Mazaním obsahu zachytávajúceho pôrod Instagram hovorí, že fotky sú násilné, odpudivé, nechutné, či hrubé.

Maude E. Callen was a nurse-midwife in South Carolina for 60 years. She operated a rural community clinic out of her home and attended between 600-800 births throughout her career in addition to training others in midwifery care. She provided in-home services to a 400-square mile area of predominantly impoverished people of color. In 1951, this photo by celebrated photojournalist W. Eugene Smith was published in a 12-page photo essay about Callen in LIFE magazine. Smith spent weeks observing her providing midwifery services and is quoted as saying Maude “is the most completely fulfilled person I have ever known.” __ Written by @katievigos Source: Wikipedia Photo: W. Eugene Smith __ #midwifery #blackhistorymonth #midwife #empoweredbirthproject #maudecallen

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It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a submission photo from #IGallowuncensoredbirth petition (which is still going strong!). The following is shared with permission by @mamasaurusssrex ✨ __ “These photos are of my birth with my daughter, she was born on 09/14/17 at 3:58pm, she was born at 40+1, “technically” labor had begun at 40 weeks with a slow leak but I wasn’t about to run to the hospital so I stayed put at home, woke up the next day around 8am, contractions started around 9 and picked up super fast, I ended up heading to my doctors office around noon to be told I was 6cm and to head on over to the hospital (luckily it was just across the street), i basically started pushing as soon as I got to the L&D room and Eloise Josephine was born after about 3 hours of pushing! The whole thing was such a whirlwind!” __ #physiologicalbirth #uncensoredbirth #hospitalbirth #empoweredbirthproject

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Pravdou však ostáva, že množstvo žien, ktoré tieto fotografie videli ostali prekvapené, no v dobrom zmysle slova. Uvedomili si, že aj keď na svet priviedli deti, nikdy ich pri tomto krásnom akte nevideli. Nikdy neboli tie, ktoré svoje dieťa uvidia prvé. Boli matkou, priviedli na svet dieťatko, a predsa nevedia, ako to v skutočnosti vyzerá. Práve týmto ženám sa fotografie zdali krásne, zachytávajú podľa nich vrúcny a silný moment a sú skôr edukatívnym materiálom, ako prvkom, ktorý by mal ľudí rozčuľovať či odpudzovať.

Skupina ľudí, ktorá zastávala tieto názory postupne narastala, až vznikla na internete petícia, ktorá apelovala priamo na Instagram, ktorý by mal podľa jeho nespokojných užívateľov zmeniť klasifikáciu na triedenie obsahu. Petícia mala na svojom konte zo dňa na deň nesmierne množstvo podpisov a nakoniec ju vzali vážne aj samotní správcovia dotknutej sociálnej siete. Tí iniciátorke prisľúbili, že zmenia pravidlá a fotografie pôrodu budú podliehať úplne inej forme regulácie. Zároveň bola Katie Vigos uistená, že z jej účtu už podobné fotografie miznúť nebudú.

Aj keď Instagram neuviedol presný dátum, kedy sa začne danou vecou zaoberať, pre všetky dotknuté matky i budúce mamičky je to veľkým zadosťučinením. Sama Katie zastáva názor, že dané fotografie sú priamym dôkazom toho, že ak je žena schopná dať dieťatku život, je schopná všetkého. Poukázaním na túto skutočnosť a zobrazením krásnej a surovej reality zároveň podľa Katie Vigos dodávame ženám silu i rozhľadenosť, ktorú môžu aplikovať na akúkoľvek situáciu vo svojom živote.

Yep, that's a hand! 🖐🏼 I wonder if this little one was in a transverse (horizontal) position in the womb? "Transverse lie" is common in early pregnancy, and most babies turn head up or down by the third trimester. A baby cannot be born vaginally from a transverse position; a cesarean is required. This little hand could be presenting from other positions as well, but it's fun to speculate! Photo @themedicalmentors 🌿 __ #bellybirth #csection #empoweredbirthproject #birthisbeautiful __ Edit: to clarify, a baby cannot be born vaginally *while still in a transverse position*… it is still entirely possible for the baby to shift head up or down prior to birth, or from manual repositioning by a healthcare professional (e.g. Google external cephalic version). Spinning Babies is also another wonderful resource for those curious to know more. Bottom line, it's simply a matter of physiology: baby must ultimately be head up or down in order to fit through the pelvis and be born vaginally. So if your baby is transverse, talk to your provider about your options! There are also some interesting stories shared by others in the comments below.

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