Vo veku 20 rokov vážila toľko čo 5-ročné dievčatko. Mladá žena vyhrala boj s anorexiou a to, čo dokázala je neuveriteľné

Asi každá z nás má raz za čas problém s niektorou partiou svojho tela. Jedna neznáša pohľad na svoje boky, ďalšej sa nepáčia jej malé, resp. veľké prsia a ďalšia sa zase sťažuje na svoju celulitídu. Lásku k vlastnému telu a k sebe samej si musíme pestovať už odmalička, aj keď je to niekedy ťažké. Práve neschopnosť milovať samu seba, presne takú, aká ste, môže viesť k vzniku a rozvoju životu nebezpečných porúch príjmu potravy. 

Svoje by o tom vedela povedať aj mladá bojovníčka Connie Inglis. Pred dvoma rokmi bola 20-ročná dievčina hospitalizovaná v nemocnici, kde sa snažila poraziť anorexiu. V tom čase vážila približne toľko ako 5-ročné dievčatko. Connie sa priznala, že s anorexiou bojovala od svojich 10 rokov a nemocničné lôžko jej bolo dôverne známe.

TW – eating disorders. 💜 NYE 2015 I was emergency admitted to hospital. Anorexia was killing me. I felt alone even when surrounded by my friends and family. I was confused, still not believing I was ill. I was terrified. Not of dying…. but eating 😥 I had completely given up. – 💜 This is my most prominent memory of new year. – 💜 I have been through so much in the last 2 years. Dragging myself up from a lower point than I’d have thought possible. Fighting even on days I felt like I was dying inside. But I’ve done it! I’m here! I’m alive against all odds! I beat ana!!! (She still try’s but honestly she can F off 😉) – 💜 The last few days have been really hard. All of this consuming me even while surrounded by the people I love. So I’ve just been constantly wearing this amazing top from @selfloveshopp to remind me that I’m a bad ass bitch! I beat anorexia and will continue to concur all even through this diet culture bull shit that is January!!!!!!! – 💜 This year I will survive This year I will not give in This year I will be FABULOUS! #byebyeana 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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The last few weeks have been really hard. I’ve taken on so much lately that I’d let slip the things that matter most… spending time with the people I love and my mental health!!! 💜 Ive struggled with soft image. I’ve struggled with sleep. I’ve struggled with depression. I’ve struggled with being around people. 💜 So sorry. Sorry I haven’t been around for you all. Sorry I haven’t been around for me. Sorry I’ve neglected myself. 💜 So for a long time it’s not been great. But tomorrow is a new day, a new week. It’s day one of things looking up! And I feel really good about that! 💜 So if 2018 hasn’t been your year so far. Make tomorrow day one of things looking up. Wake up smiling knowing that you have the power to make it better! 💜💜💜💜💜💜 #positivebeatsperfect

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Connie sa však zaťala a dokázala poraziť niečo, o čom väčšina jej spolubojovníčok len sníva. Za 2 roky urobila neuveriteľný pokrok, udržiava si zdravú váhu a v súčasnosti študuje umenie. V snahe motivovať sa a zostať šťastná a zdravá sa Connie rozhodla dokumentovať svoju cestu za šťastím sériou úprimných fotografií, ktoré uverejňuje na svojom instagramovom profile. Každý fotografia je obohatená o srdcervúce slová, ktorými sa mladá žena snaží otvoriť oči každému, kto sa dostane k jej príspevkom.

#nofilter 💕 Why has fat become such an awful thing to be? Years ago it was a display of wealth, it showed people you could afford to eat and be healthy. So why has fat become an insult and why have cake and chocolate become an indulgence? I've spent so much of my life trying to be 'healthier' and trying to have the 'perfect' body but what the hell does that even mean? You ask different people and they'll tell you different things; "you shouldn't eat high fat foods", "you should eat x amount of calories", "you should go to the gym". Well I tried them all and NONE of them made me happy. NONE of them made me like myself more. I always found something to hate about the way I looked, some part of me to be thinner, some other food to cut out of my diet. I was miserable. I mean no chocolate for 10 YEARS?! What kind of a life is that? So yeah I eat a lot of cake and chocolate! No I don't count calories anymore. And no I don't go to the gym. I might not love my body completely but I'm learning to accept it for what it is. It jiggles, it wobbles, its not flat or perfectly toned, I have baby boobs and little belly rolls but I'm getting my life back and I'm more than ok with that! NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD BE! You just need to be you! Perfectly imperfect♥️ because let's be honest there's NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT! #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#bulimarecovery#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#togetherwecan#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#2fab4ana#bodypositive#bodyposi#positivebeatsperfect

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Happy #cellulitesaturday guys!!!! I have cellulite but so do 90% of the female population! It doesn't make me any less beautiful or any less worthy, it's just a part of me and I love it. My body is not wrong and I'm never going to try to 'fix' it again! My body is mine, it's got lumps and bumps and stretch marks and scars but these all show how I have grown as a woman and come through my life. I am no longer a child so I shouldn't try to look like one! I am a woman and feel pretty darn fabulous about that! 40-60% of girls age 6-12 are concerned about their weight!!! I do not want to live in a world where young girls grow up hating their natural bodies! So let's stop it👊🏻 let's change the world! You are all fabulous you are all amazing! SPREAD THE WORD!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 – – Post inspired by the wonderful @omgkenzieee 💕 #positivebeatsperfect

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Mladá žena musela v čase najväčšej slabosti používať invalidný vozík a lekári jej dávali maximálne niekoľko týždňov života. “Nestarala som sa o to, či budem žiť alebo zomriem. Nezaujímalo ma to,“ tvrdí. “Chcela som iba schudnúť celú svoju váhu. Dostalo sa to do bodu, kedy to, že som bola v nemocnici, nestačilo. Dostatočné by bolo iba to, keby sa moje srdce zastavilo… To je jediná vec, ktorá by uspokojila moju anorexiu.“

I freaking are a dominos pizza 🍕!!!!!! This is a big F YOU to the dieting industry👊🏻 This is a big F YOU to your beauty standards and ideas of perfection👊🏻. This is a big F YOU to not having take away for 10 years out of fear👊🏻 And this is a big F YOU to anorexia!!!!!! To all the girls out there like me, terrified of take aways and pizza because of what they are associated with… it's ok to do this!!!! It's ok to enjoy a big pizza every once in a while! It does not make you fat! One meal isn't going to change the way you look, I promise you! And let me tell you a secret… pizza is fucking amazing! #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#foodblogger#2fab4ana#bodypositive#fuckthedietindustry#dominospizza#recoverywin#edrecovery#effyourbeautystandards#vegetarian#girlswithcarbs

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Connie sa prostredníctvom svojich príspevkov snaží prihovoriť sa mladým ženám a dievčatám, ktoré prežívajú rovnaké peklo, akým si prešla ona sama. “Myslím, že pre ľudí je naozaj dôležité, aby si uvedomili, že na svoje problémy nie sú sami,“ hovorí sympatická Connie, ktorá v súčasnosti žiari šťastím.

This is my body. I took this photo yesterday and I hated it. I hated everything about it, the way I was sat, my muffin top in that position, the cellulite on my tummy, my fresh face. So I decided to post it today with a comparison… I can look like this but I can also look like this! But I stoped myself and thought, why do I feel the need to do that?! Why do I feel like I have to justify that I can look 'thinner and prettier' like who really cares?! 💜 💜 I know I'm thin I know that I have a little tummy. I know that all tummies roll when you sit down! I know 90% of women have cellulite. I know I don't wear makeup in the house. 💜 💜 So why did I feel like I have to validate that to myself and to you before I posted a picture like this??? 💜 💜 Society has told us we can only be attractive in certain ways and if we don't fit into that we're not accepted. I believed it for years and nearly died because of it. But you know what?! Now I'm calling bullshit! I think everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like! No matter what size they are and no matter what position their in! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VALIDATE HOW YOU LOOK! You are beautiful! Always stay true to you! And if people don't like it, well their not worth your time!! #positivebeatsperfect

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Dnes si mladá študentka uvedomuje, že za vznikom a rozvojom akejkoľvek poruchy príjmu potravy stojí viacero faktorov. Jedným z nich je aj spoločnosť a tlak, ktorý je vytváraný na mladé ženy. Napríklad zobrazovanie dokonalosti a perfektnosti na každom kroku a ich vyžadovanie v každej oblasti je perfektným štartérom.

Ok so this post terrifies me but I've really been wondering how I made it out of this alive. Because really the odds where all against me. I've come so far in such a short time but I've still got a long way to go! The picture on the left was taken January this year. I was in a hospital bed, confined to a wheelchair, with a tube providing my nutrients and fluids. But I wasn't ok with this, I didn't believe I needed it. I was so ill but just couldn't see it. I would lock myself in the bathroom to exercise of get rid of the little nutrients I was getting. I would pull my tube out and sabotage my feed in any way I could. I would do ANYTHING to be smaller. This ended in a section and a long inpatient stay, I'd lost the will to live. I DON'T tell you about this to leave you shocked. And I definitely am not saying that you have to look like the picture on the left or go through ANY of these things for your struggles to be valid!!! You really don't! Your struggles are valid and important NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!!!! And no matter what your going through! Eating disorders are horrible and life destroying. But I'm telling you about my journey hoping you'll take away one thing, that if I can get from the fragile broken girl who had completely given up to the girl you see today tummy love embracing the squidge and learning to love myself…. ANYONE CAN DO IT!!! Including you!! You can get through this hell. You can embrace your body! You can take control of your life! And if you can't see that right now, I sure can! You can rise above this and tackle your demons and I'll be here every step of the way!!!! Keep going my darlings! We can do this💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #positivebeatsperfect Thank you to my inspirations for helping me get this far! @selfloveclubb @selfloveliv @bodyposipanda @kellyufit @omgkenzieee @lovemymiddle @nourishandeat @mindsetforlifeltd @chooselifewarrior @goofy_ginger 💕💕💕

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Čo si myslíte o nadľudskom výkone mladej dievčiny, ktorá sa dostala doslova z pazúrov smrti? My môžeme povedať len jedno – klobúk dolu. Fotografie, ktoré Connie pridáva na svoj instagramový účet, sú perfektnou motiváciou nielen pre všetky ženy, ktoré sa snažia dostať z anorexie, ale pre všetky, ktoré z nejakého dôvodu zabúdajú, že ak chcú žiť šťastný život, nemôžu sa stať otrokom jedla a vlastnej mysle. Connie to našťastie pochopila a svoje skúsenosti a rady sa takouto cestou snaží odovzdať tým, ktorí to skutočne potrebujú.

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